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About Me

I'm just a teenager that blogs about her favourite thing - books! While school and work keep me busy, I read books because of the emotional experience it brings. When I say this, I think of George R.R. Martin's quote, that really speaks to me:

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

 No matter how hard a book is to get through, I try to always finish it. So long as a book has an interesting plot, great characters and is well-written, I'm sure to love the book! I like to read books from many different genres, such as Young Adult, Women's Fiction and Fantasy, to name a few.

Non-bookish things I like to do includes listening to music. Like my book tastes, I listen to all sorts of things - ranging from EDM to country xD  Shopping is also my secret addiction - that feeling I get when I find a dress that perfectly fits me is exhilarating! Finally, I can't resist food - doesn't matter what type of cuisine - there's a high likelihood I'll like it! Indian, Vietnamese, Thai food... I love them all!

Highlights in my life so far include recently graduating from high school! I'm now studying Premed, hoping to one day become a doctor! :D

About Corralling Books

I created Corralling Books in December, 2012. I was really bored, and stumbled over a couple of book blogs, and thought to myself "Hey, this looks pretty cool!".
My biggest struggle was coming up with the right name. I fretted over this for so long - I wanted something classy! In the end, I chose Corralling Books, because it represented the book collecting person I am! :)
Book blogging wasn't too bad at first (it was really fun actually!), but I kept pressuring myself to reach certain numbers, to get more followers. Eventually I just stopped blogging. In August 2015, after experiencing some disillusionment from my study for my final exams, I played around a bit with my blog, and fell back in love with it. Ever since then, I've been blogging continuously! I really couldn't have imagined how much I'd grow to love blogging, and the blogging community in general. Blogging at Corralling Books is something I'd like to continue for a very long time!


Young Adult, Women's Fiction, Books about different cultures,

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