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I'm Feeling Wanderlust | The Around The World Book Tag

Thursday, August 24, 2017 Geraldine 0 Comments

Hi everyone! 

I'm here with a new book tag today! I really admire how creative book-tag-creators are...because these seriously take a lot of work! 
I love traveling...and as someone who hasn't been able to travel for the past three years, I'm feeling that wanderlust again! 
This book tag will be a bit different to normal book tags - I'll be writing down the places that fit the category or my personal experiences, along with a book that fits the category! 

1. Sailing Across the Seas - A book about travelling - bonus points if it's travel by sea! 
My experience/place: I've actually never travelled by sea before, but I kind of want to travel in the Dead Sea, just because I've heard stories about how the density is different, so I can float easily there! 
My book: Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan! 

2. Fine Dining - A book that made you hungry with its overwhelming descriptions of food 
My experience/place: MALAYSIA. I love Malaysia, it's where I was born, but I consider it a holiday destination since I spend less than a month in it every year. The food here is actually the main reason I return - from Sarawak laksa, kolo-mee, chao kueh tiao, pig trotters and rice, as well as the various desserts like layer cake, the Nonya desserts, and Ais Kachang, Malaysia is a food heaven for me! 
My book: Haven't actually read a book that's made me that hungry...probably because I always have a snack with me hahaha...Unless you count recipe books! Give me recommendations on books with lots of food! 

3. From Motels to Hotels - A book that was an unexpected surprise 
My experience/place: Oh my god, there is this one hotel in Beijing that was THE BEST HOTEL I HAVE EVER BEEN TO. My family went to Beijing as part of a tour, and I was expecting a 3-star hotel or something, nothing too fancy, with the standard shower, TV set and beds cramped into one room. Instead, we got a five-room suite, with...wait for it...a STAIRCASE. The bottom floor was one bedroom, a bathroom, and a sitting area; going up the staircase led to another three rooms. Our six-person party had access to this entire place ALL TO OURSELVES because it was classed as ONE ROOM. I STILL HAVE PHOTOS OF IT AND I LOVE IT. 
Going to that hotel was one of the happiest moments of my life. 
My book: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. I actually expected this to be trash, because the friend who recommended it to me really liked The Vampire Diaries, which I read and thought was trash. Turns out my friend liked the TV show The Vampire Diaries, which I ended up liking at the time (when The Vampire Diaries was showing Season 3 episodes lolll), and coincidentally, I really loved Vampire Academy too. 

4. Miscommunication - A book that's hard to understand 
My experience/place: Again, when I went to China, because I looked Chinese, a lot of people spoke to me in Mandarin...jokes on them when I tried speaking back in broken Mandarin ahahahahaha
My book: Soundless by Richelle Mead. It was just hard to understand this book, mostly because its concept revolved around the inability of the citizens to speak, and how the citizens relied on sign language. 

5. Sightseeing - A book that you picked up because it's really popular 
My experience/place: Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. We went around so many small islands on a small motor boat, and we could see how clear the water was, and the beach was just so was gorgeous! 
My book: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. It ended up being sort of a disappointment, to be honest...but it was BIG at the time it came out. 

6. Dealing with the Desert - A book that you were so addicted to, that you could have gone days without water just to read it
My experience/place: I've never been to the desert, but one day I'd like to go to Antarctica, even though I hate the cold. It's just such a novel place - a frozen desert. 
My book: Anything by Cassandra Clare! Another anecdote - I actually spent a whole day, sitting by the fireplace, reading City of Heavenly Fire, from start to finish. I don't think I ate, I don't think I even took a break; I was completely immersed in the Shadowhunter world.

7. Journey through the Jungle - A book that was difficult to navigate through 
My experience/place: HAHA in Malaysia, my grandparents essentially live in a jungle... But I'd love to go to the Amazon someday! 
My book: Whisper to Me by Nick Lake. This book, whilst an awesome representation of mental illness, was really hard for me to get into. I had no idea what was actually happening sometimes, and it made me work really hard to follow the plot. 

8. Holiday House in the Hamptons - A book you continually revisit, time after time again. 
My experience/place: A place I continually revisit is Malaysia! Malaysia is almost my second home, with my grandparents there, and some of my extended family members. 
My book: Wild Swans by Jung Chang. I'm actually due for a reread, to be honest! But I find this book fascinating, because it explores three generation of women, and their experiences in China, especially around the time of the Cultural Revolution. 

9. Souvenirs - A book you would give as a gift for a close friend 
My experience/place: Once, I got a souvenir from a friend who went to Fiji, and I was really touched she got me something...until I found out everyone else got the same thing as me! I'm really picky, and I like feeling special, so ever since then, I've made sure to buy souvenirs that are unique and personal for the person I'm getting them for! 
My book: For Gabby, my sister, I actually got her Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. Definitely a book I would give to any empowered young woman! 

10. There's No Place Like Home - A book that makes you feel like you're home 
My experience/place: Even though I thought Brisbane was small, and there was nothing to do in Brisbane, recently, I've seen more and more events crop up, that are Brisbane events! There's so much to do in this sunny city...sometimes I don't feel like leaving it! 
My book: Anne of Green Gables! I read this when I was young, and it made me feel all the feels...I could see Anne growing up, and I did similar things to all the foolish things she did! 

I tag...
As always, I tag whoever wants to do this! If you decide to do this tag...tweet me your post! I'd be keen to check it out; otherwise, comment a link in the comments below! 
But in particular, I'd love to hear:
1) Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books - you go travelling so often, it would be awesome to hear your thoughts! 
3) Cilla @ Paved With Books

Keep reading and loving books!

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