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I Haven't Touched A Book In Six Months: An Update On My Life

Sunday, July 23, 2017 Geraldine 0 Comments

Hello friends! It has been AGES since I was last here!
I hope you have all been well! 
Confession time: I didn't touch a book for six months. 
Do I feel guilty? Not really. 
At this point, you're probably gasping. How could I have gone six months without reading a single book for fun? And how am I not guilty?? 
These are very good questions. Questions that I have no answers, only excuses for! 
Of course, the usual comes to mind; university, doing five subjects, work, tutoring, research projects, a social life, etc. Sorry (but really not) for the excuses! 

What I've been doing (life edition)
Juggling five uni subjects again this semester was definitely not fun - especially when I had to worry about anatomy and chemistry! My final exam weeks were especially daunting, since I had five exams in the first week alone, and one more exam in the first half of the second week. 
But throughout all the stress, I was really glad I had my family and my boyfriend to back me up with delicious food, dinner dates, supplying me with chocolate and dried mangoes and...and...wait....I think I'm just grateful to have delicious food :')
I also had one exam over the holidays, because I deferred it due to my hectic exam timetable, so holidays were filled with study >_< 

What I've been doing (bookish edition) 
Like I've said, I've been doing...stuff. Which is all fair. But what have I actually been doing bookish wise? 
I went to a Penguin Teen event at Brisbane Library two months (?) ago! It was really fun...mostly because I got to meet up with some of my fave book bloggers, such as Maddie, Jeann, and Brett! 
I've also been buying a ton of books...stocking up for these university holidays! One month is definitely not enough to get through all the books...but I'll try my hardest to! 
I rearranged my bookshelf! It looks the same as always (i.e. a cluttered mess), but I managed to fit more books in! LIFE ACCOMPLISHMENT. 
I managed to read just one book over the holidays... Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare! Which I resisted buying for so long, because I had another exam over the uni break...but I bought it anyway and gave into procrastination :')) 

My plans for the future
I'm planning on reading The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon! 
I'm also looking forward to writing a ton more posts and actually posting them...instead of leaving them as drafts :')) 
Hopefully I'll finally adapt to using Twitter...been offline on it for way too long! ...same with bookstagram haha! 
I'm getting ready for a new semester of uni now too - hopefully I'll do well again this semester! 

What have you all been up to? Have you read anything interesting that you think I should get around to? Any hot new releases I should keep my eye on? Talk to me! It's seriously been WAY. TOO. LONG. 

Keep reading and loving books (and sorry for the long absence!) 

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