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Conversations: Commenting Back - Should it Be Compulsory?

Monday, February 06, 2017 Geraldine 0 Comments

Welcome one, welcome all, to another edition of Conversations! This month, our topics will be focused on blogging habits. 
This week, let's discuss:
Do you always comment back? Should commenting back be a must? 

Firstly, let's define what commenting back means. I know when I first started blogging, that term really confused me. I initially thought it just meant replying back to comments on your blog. But then as time wore on, I realised that "commenting back" meant visiting said commenter's blog and commenting on one of their posts. 
So that's the definition we'll go with today - commenting back refers to visiting a commenter's blog and commenting back on their post

I personally try to always comment back. After I reply to someone's comment on my blog, I head on over to their blog, through their user or their link they've provided, and find an interesting post to leave a comment. This isn't always feasible for me though - sometimes I take unexpected hiatuses (like I am now) because life creeps up. I try to go back afterwards and comment back - so I do a delayed comment back, if that makes sense. 
Sometimes, people comment on older posts of mine, which have been up for a month or so. Whilst I really appreciate that, and Disqus does send me an email notifying me that someone has commented, I usually leave it for later...until later becomes never. >_< 

Still, I make sure to try to always reply to peoples' comments on my blog at the very least - for me, that's just common courtesy. If people take the time out of their lives to care what you think - shouldn't you take the time to reply to them? Replying to these comments is always easier than making your own comment - at the very least, replying back shows that you are grateful for their presence here. 

Should commenting back be compulsory? I don't know. Personally, I used to think it should be compulsory - after all, we are in this community to make friends, to find other like-minded people. And it does get tiring, leaving so many comments on other peoples' blogs, hoping to make a connection with them, but to be faced with them never trying to connect with your words. I get that people have busy lives, but it's important to reach out, and connect with your readers if you have a blog. 
But at the same time, I remember hearing someone say in the blogosphere that they didn't comment back, because they didn't want to force a comment, and be fake. I think that philosophy is pretty interesting, and I agree with it to some extent. I agree that you shouldn't have to force yourself to comment back - if you can't find anything interesting to talk about, don't comment! Don't write a comment like "Wow, so interesting, thanks for sharing!". It's pretty fake, and it shows that you don't really care about making connections. But at the same time, we are all book lovers - there should be something on everyones' blogs that we can relate to, or empathise with. 

In the end, I don't think that commenting back should be compulsory. But at the very least, I believe that bloggers should reply to comments on their own blogs - I know I used to follow a bunch of blogs that didn't reply back to comments on their own blogs, and it was really disheartening because I never felt like I mattered to these blogs, it never felt like they wanted to make friendships. It seemed like all they cared about was stats, getting ARCs, and gaining followers. 

If you know me, that's not the kind of person I like.

Well, that post took a very personal detour. What do you all think about commenting back? Should it be compulsory? Let me know in the comments below, or in the linky here!

Keep reading and loving books!

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