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Conversations: Why I Read Books

Saturday, January 07, 2017 Geraldine 0 Comments

Eep, it's been so long since I posted a Conversations post~! I'm blaming it on uni and life...but one of my resolutions for this year is to successfully host Conversations, and that means regularly posting, so...ENJOY ALL THE DISCUSSIONS ON THIS BLOG! ^_^ 

For this week, let's talk about:
What kind of books do you read and why?

In the book blogosphere, I feel like we usually define our identity by what kinds of books we read. For me, it's a bit of a mixed bag - I usually read contemporary and fantasy, but I also read other genres. Why? Because I don't like reading the same story multiple times - which I feel like you can get if you stick to one genre only. I like to think that I'm spontaneous, and that I'll read whatever I feel like reading - I'm a mood reader! I read a huge variety of books - biographies, self-help, YA, all kinds of books! 

If you avidly stalk my blog, I think you probably have a rough idea of what books I like to read:
  • YA
  • Contemporary 
  • Fantasy
  • Science-Fiction
  • Chick-lit
  • Biographies
  • Anything that involves science or medicine or psychology
For me, I believe that for every mood, there is a genre
Just went through a break up? Time for contemporary.
Frustrated and just done with life? Time for fantasy. 
Need something to chill with, after a long day? Time for some chick-lit!

But why do I like reading these genres at different times? Why do they draw me in? There are so many reasons for this, specific to the genre. 

YA - okay, I know that YA isn't strictly a genre, more of a classification, but I think there are some core themes that YA books share that draw me towards reading them. For one, I can relate pretty well to pressure to succeed in school, in meeting expectations, etc. Reading YA is relatable, but it's not like I'm rehashing my life. I place myself as a character in the book, and I can see my problems in the real world from a different lens, which gives me some space from it. It's pretty therapeutic sometimes - because I see who I am in the characters of the book, and I see what I'm going through. 

Chick-lit - Chick-lit is honestly my go-to when I need to break out of a bad reading slump as well! It's so easy to read, and I can flip through a book within four hours at most. If it's an especially good chick-lit novel or book series - I'll probably be hooked onto reading for the next week or so at least, and spend a couple of days being upset that I finished reading it. Then I'll forget all about the plot in a couple of months (because I never seem to remember the plot of those books!), and reread it. And the cycle starts all over again. 

Fantasy - Because the real world isn't enough. I mean, mobile phones and Facebook and other modern inventions are pretty cool....but come on, a world where there are dragons and magic? That's so different to the world we currently live in, and I love reading about it, because I get to escape everything in this world. Of course, in fantasy, the characters go through eternal problems, problems that we, as humans face. I think that's the appeal for me as well - despite these characters being in a different world, facing problems that are insurmountably larger than not having finished my assignment - at the heart of all their problems, their problems are the same as mine - instead of having to complete an assignment in time, they have to finish a quest in time >_< 

Science-fiction - It's crazy how well some authors can really probe into the future - what can happen, what should happen, etc., and I think the real beauty in science-fiction is how humanity remains the same regardless of how much has changed - that relatability, yet escape from my current predicaments is what draws me to science fiction. 

Contemporary - FEELS. That's why I read contemporary. Plus, it's super easy to read. There isn't much 'new' to learn about - no new worlds, laws and things to learn - you just have to familiarise yourself with a new character and breathe their lives for a couple of hundred of pages. 

Medicine or science related books - I'm hoping to be a clinician scientist...gotta prepare somehow! Plus, it's actually really interesting how the world works, and how some people have discovered some phenomenal things. It inspires me and makes me work harder towards my goals!

Biographies - some people are so inspirational! I have to read about their lives and just get to know them more. Plus, some biographies are just like watching video-interviews with people. Some people just have such large personalities, that they burst right from the page, and you can just tell it's their biography. 

I think it's safe to say that I read certain book genres because I get to relate to characters, without living their lives. Let's face it, if I had to go through half the problems that these characters go through...I probably wouldn't make it. It makes me thankful I'm not a book character...or am I? :P 

What about you? What genres do you read, and why? Let me know in the comments below or link up your Conversations post! 

Keep reading and loving books!

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