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The Happiness Tag | In Which I Cheer Myself Up With Happy Things~

Monday, September 26, 2016 Geraldine Lee 0 Comments

As always, I'm late on tags... OH WELL! 
I came across this tag when Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books did it - and honestly, I was hooked! I love anything that makes me happy - and I had to share it! 

List five things that make you happy 

This is weird right? But I think it's more the feeling of accomplishment that comes from completing my list of things to study for the night. 

Writing in my diary 
I have a four-year diary, where each page represents one day of the year. It's subdivided into four blocks - one for each year. I love writing in it, because I get to reflect on what happened the year before. Although there are some sad parts in some days, on the whole, it makes me happy because I'm always astounded by how it's been one/two/three years since that event (it usually seems like it was just yesterday) 


George R.R. Marin once mentioned something along the lines of how a person who reads many books lives many lives, whilst the person who doesn't read lives only once. I like to live many lives, I like to experience the world, and reading lets me do that ^_^ 
If it's a good book, I love reading, and it's really something that can cheer me up! 

I've been watching lots of comedies recently, and they never fail to make me laugh! Always a great pick-me-up on some heavy days. Want any recommendations?? HERE THEY ALL ARE!! :D 
  1. The Office - it's already finished, but it never fails to get me laughing. The diverse set of characters, the wonderful relationships...oh, how I love this show <3 
  2. Modern Family - If you want a family oriented comedy...definitely Modern Family! I love how everything ties together at the end of the episode, how each arc is beautifully tied together in a wonderful conclusion! 
  3. New Girl - The things that the people at that apartment get up to sometimes... :') 
  4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine - HAHAHAHAHA I always thought that cop shows had to be serious, procedural shows, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine blew away my expectations!
  5. The Mindy Project - Mindy is honestly such an inspirational character and person! 
I probably have many more recommendations...but those are just a few to get you started! 

List five songs that make you happy 

Cool by Alesso 
This song has such special memories for me...I don't even know where I first heard it from, but nowadays, whenever I work and this song comes on, my productivity actually increases tenfold - I get so motivated! 

Satellites by Cash Cash 
Just that whole motivational vibe again ^_^ 

Clarity by Zedd 
This song has so many levels of meaning for me. I first heard it in my first year at a new high school, and I was finally starting to fit in, have my own friends, be popular, you know? So yeah, this song just reminds me of that time, and makes me happy ^_^ 

Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars
Plus that music video is one of the best music videos I've seen :D 

Fireflies by Owl City 
MEMORIES :') And also, I can't help bopping along to the beat~ :) 

I tag... anyone else who wants to do it! Go off, be happy~! :D Revisit all the things that make you happy by doing this tag, like I did! 

Got any good music recommendations for me? Any nice music videos with a story (those are my fav music videos)? What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments! :) Always love chatting to you guys! 

Keep reading and loving books!

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