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Conversations: Which Blogging System Do You Use?

Saturday, September 17, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

Hi everyone! 
This is gonna be a short one today - more mid-semester exams to study for! 
The topic for today is...
Which blogging platform do you use and why? 
But of course, this is a bit of a sparse topic - so there are more prompts below! :) 

I use Blogger, as you all can probably tell. There's honestly no real reason for this - it's just the first platform I came across. 

Why haven't I been wooed by Wordpress yet though? It's too tricky for me. I tried using it once, but it felt like it was too much for me, with so much functionality, so much possible! I could probably spend a week trying to customise a blog with Wordpress. Time that I kiiiind of don't have. 

Blogger wins me over with its simplicity. Even though there are lots of times where I groan and sigh and hiss over how ridiculously simple it is, preventing me from doing more complex things that I would like. But I prefer this simplicity - after all, so long as I have a platform that allows me to post and comment with as little trouble as possible, I'm happy! 

I know this is probably a difficult topic to talk about - not much subject matter for a Conversation as such. So there won't be a link-up - sorry! 
I haven't caught up with you all in ages, I have been a bit AWOL. addition to telling me about your blogging system, tell me about YOU! What has been going on in your wonderful lives? Big events? Birthdays? Blogoversaries? I want to know! 

Keep reading and loving books!

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