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The Aussie YA Blog Hop | In Which I Cheat and Have Too Many Answers

Thursday, August 11, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

Although I've lived in Australia for about 10 years - I'm sad to say that I haven't read many Aus YA books until the last few years or so. The #LoveOzYA crew have been instrumental in increasing my awareness of lots of new Aus YA novels, and I've got to give credit to Google - without both of these groups/entities, I wouldn't have been able to answer these questions! 

What I Love About Aussie YA
...can I pick more than one thing? 
I think the great thing about Aus YA novels is how diverse they are. There are so many broad topics that these authors cover, and for a small continent, it's crazy how many great books on so many topics are churned out. 
I also really love reading Aus YA novels and being able to identify with many characters, look at the settings and just go "YES, I know this place!". It makes for a richer reading experience, because then I get to integrate my real-life experiences with what's happening in the novel, and I just have a deeper understanding of the book and what's going on. It forces me to pay more attention instead of skim-reading. 

My Favourite Aussie YA authors
Difficult question! 
Jackie French 
Garth Nix
John Flanagan 
Lynette Noni
Emily Rodda 
...all make my list! I still read some of their books - rereads and new books! 

An Aussie YA book I Grew Up With I have to choose just one??
Anything by Paul Jennings and Andy Griffiths - their books were ones that I reread constantly as a child. 
Paul Jennings's books were just...creepy and horrifying, and I LOVED IT. 
Andy Griffith's books epitomised LOL and ROFL for me - they were so humorous...and my parents disapproved of his type of naturally I loved reading his books! 

My Favourite 2016 Aussie YA book 
I really loved reading Akarnae by Lynette Noni, and I was super happy that Noni also published the sequel to Akarnae, Raelia, this year! 

An Aussie YA Debut I'm Looking Forward To 
I actually don't keep up with debuts too often, to be honest. So no answer here... 
If you've got any recommendations though...hit me up below! :) 

My Favourite Aussie YA series 
Honestly so surprised that not many people know about these series - they both got me reading fantasy, I think! 

An Unexpected Aussie YA Surprise 
I didn't expect that she is an Australian, actually! Thanks Google for letting me know! :P 
But honestly, I used to read Emily Rodda's novels constantly. Like they'd always be at the library, and I would borrow them out and just read. 
Here are a couple of the series that I used to read from her: 
Deltora Quest books - there are four series now, I believe! 
...she's honestly such a prolific writer - I admire her so much! 

An Aussie YA Book I will ALWAYS recommend to others
...once more, do I HAVE TO CHOOSE JUST ONE?? 
I'm not going to choose just one - anything by Jackie French
Jackie French is remarkable with historical fiction. Especially some of her Australian fiction works. Honestly, I never cared about Australian history in history classes at school - but reading her work helped me learn about Australia's history, and it was just so much more interesting when she wrote about it! 
Some of her titles set in Australia - I haven't read all of them, by the way: 

An Aussie YA book on my TBR

It sounds really interesting, and definitely relevant to Australia. We've had lots of debate around refugees and letting them into Australia in the past couple of years - so I'd love to see how Abdel-Fattah writes about it in When Michael Met Mina

My favourite Aus YA bloggers
I actually don't know toooooo many Aus YA bloggers. I used to think that there were virtually no Aus YA bloggers...but I now know one or two, which I'm so grateful for!
This is in any random order! 
1. Brett @ Brett Michael Orr - Brett is not only an Australian blogger, but also a writer, so woo! :D He and I both come from Brisbane, which is epic! 
2. Jean @ Happy Indulgence - Jean also comes from Brissy :D And I love tuning in to her #LoveOzYA segment on ABC Radio! :) 
3. Emily @ Loony Literate - Emily has some of the most gorgeous photos, and her posts are insightful and just a pleasure to read@ 
4. Cait @ PaperFury - no comment. Just check out her blog...and you'll know what I mean ;) 
5. Maddie @ PasoMaddie - honestly one of the friendliest bloggers I know! :) 

Keep reading and loving books!

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