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Akarnae by Lynette Noni

Thursday, July 21, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

The Breakdown

General Info:
     Title: Akarnae
     Author: Lynette Noni 
     Genre: YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
     Publisher: Pantera Press
     Publishing Date: February 1st, 2015

          - Loveable characters
          - Simple writing style 

    Things that could have been better:
         -  Dimensionality of characters - most were 2D

Rating:  4 stars
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Initial Thoughts

I’ve heard a bit about Akarnae from around Twitter and other book bloggers, and when Lynette Noni stopped by in my city, I decided to go meet her and see her books for myself! It was a very spur-of-the-moment thing, but I’m glad I did it – Noni was really friendly and outgoing, and she convinced me to buy Akarnae! Not only did she sway me with her claim that it’s like a mixture of Harry Potter, Narnia and X-Men in one, but the book was also $10 Australian dollars. That’s pretty much the cheapest that new books can be in Australia! Delighted, I set off into the world that is (insert the world here), and needless to say, I was quickly immersed in it.

With just one step, sixteen-year-old Alexandra Jennings's world changes—literally.

Dreading her first day at a new school, Alex is stunned when she walks through a doorway and finds herself stranded in Medora, a fantasy world full of impossibilities. Desperate to return home, she learns that only a man named Professor Marselle can help her... but he's missing.

While waiting for him to reappear, Alex attends Akarnae Academy, Medora's boarding school for teenagers with extraordinary gifts. She soon starts to enjoy her bizarre new world and the friends who embrace her as one of their own, but strange things are happening at Akarnae, and Alex can't ignore her fear that something unexpected... something sinister... is looming.

An unwilling pawn in a deadly game, Alex's shoulders bear the crushing weight of an entire race's survival. Only she can save the Medorans, but what if doing so prevents her from ever returning home?

Will Alex risk her entire world—and maybe even her life—to save Medora? 


The characters were a bit cheesy to me – they could have come out of a middle-grade novel. Regardless, I loved most of the characters, because they were just fun to read about. They had their own personalities – you had Bear, the loveable, mature one and Jordan, Bear’s cheeky counterpart. Alex was a combination of headstrong and fearless – it was enjoyable to read about her.

The one complaint I will have with the characters though, is how utterly two dimensional they were. For example, we knew who the antagonists of the novel were immediately, and they remained our antagonists for the whole story. We had some background to why one of the antagonists was “evil”, but he had no redeeming qualities.


I felt like there wasn’t so much plot, as there was world-building. There’s a mysterious danger throughout Alex’s stay at Akarnae, and at the start it is established that she wants to go back to her home, but then then Alex and the people around her don’t take any active steps towards resolving the issue.
The climax was very interesting to read though – it was action-packed and gripping, and the twist wasn’t one I could see coming!
The world building though…that was marvellous. Akarnae is a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi. Things we would consider as magical are given a scientific explanation – for example, there is a menu that, when you press the name of a dish, that dish pops right out of nowhere, and it’s ready to eat! MY DREAM. I would honestly just order chocolate and other chocolate derivatives all day… -daydreams- Maybe it’s better that I live on this Earth though…I think my body would hate me if I just ate chocolate all day xD

Writing Style

Noni writes very simplistically, which I actually quite liked. Although it reads almost as a middle-grade novel with the simple language, there are some things said and written that clearly makes it a YA novel, such as the little innuendos that Jordan says, and some of the darker themes explored, such as family estrangement. I loved how Noni managed to combine a simple writing style with innuendos, so that it’s suitable for both younger and older audiences. Fluid and easy to comprehend, Akarnae was like a breeze on a summer’s day – well received by me!

Entertainment Value

Akarnae was really entertaining. When I read it, I was in the middle of a reading slump. It didn’t get me out of my reading slump, per se, but it hooked me enough to keep me reading a bit during my reading slump. I wasn’t interested in any other books but this one – and I was sad when it finally finished, because I realised I wouldn’t have anything else to read. I’ll definitely be getting Noni’s second book, Raelia, when I can! 

Final Thoughts

Lynette Noni was right: Akarnae is certainly a book for Harry Potter, Narnia and X-Men fans. As a fan of all three, I was certainly captivated by Akarnae’s beautiful world. It certainly relived the magic of those three fandoms for me! I will definitely be picking up the sequel, Raelia! :) I actually just got it at the library, so YESS :D 

Akarnae definitely spins a couple of tropes around again, but the brilliant execution excuses it! 


Thoughts in a Phrase

Harry Potter, X-Men and Narnia in one! 

Keep reading and loving books!

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