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Conversations: Real life friendships vs. online friendships

Friday, June 17, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

Hello everyone! 
So sorry about missing out on Conversations last fortnight- the lovely Annika at Hiding Books helped me out and held Conversations there - check her out, add your link - she was awesome! Funnily enough - the topic was about how you juggle blogging and life...HAHAHA I guess I don't. 

Anyway, the topic for this week is...
Are real life friendships different from the ones you have online?

I'm actually so glad to be talking about this topic, and so curious as to what you guys think! Friendship is such an important part of my life - I honestly don't know how I'd live without some of my best mates! 

For me, real life friendships and online friendships are the same, but different. 

They're both the same because they are friendships, and for me, all my friendships have the same elements. For one, I share information with my friends - I tell them what's going on in my life! I tell you guys a bit about myself - like how stressed I am sometimes, the cute guy in my course (WHO LIKES ANOTHER GIRL -cries-), the books I'm much! 
I think I'm pretty open - so yeah, I think that my online and real-life friendship are pretty much the same because I'm so open. Then, there's how I usually keep in touch with my friends - if you're a good friend of mine, I've probably talked to you at least in the last month or so. Maybe the last three months (I've been distracted and busy - sorry!!). 
But then, at the same time, real life friendships and online ones are a tiny bit different. And I think that comes down to the individual friendships themselves. I have friends that I've known for most of my life - I tell them a bit more than I tell you guys online, because they have the context of my life, and they understand. 

I'll give you an example. 
To you guys, I'll tell you about how there's a super cute guy in my course, and maybe tell you guys why he's so cute (if you were curious - HAIR, BRITISH ACCENT, FUNNY, NICE, SMART - the list is endless) 
But to my real-life friends, I'll tell them about how Rob English (that's not his real name sorry :') ) from primary school is in my new course and he's gotten 10000x hotter - just because they know Rob, and they know what he looked like previously etc. 
I guess the nuance is - with my real-life friends, they know most of my life already. They know what I'm talking about immediately - I don't need to be awkward and longwinded and give context - it flows a lot smoother. It's also just easier to share more with my real-life friends, just because we have the same background/culture.
With my online friends - I haven't known you guys for as long. I haven't shared my life as much as I have with my real-life friends. I reckon that should change with time, as I grow and mature, and share the crazy things that happen in my life!

Another interesting element that I'd like to look at is if my online friendships are as strong as my real life friendships. To be honest, I'd say I have some really close online friendships - as strong as some of my real-life ones. I recently started uni, and I haven't had the chance to see my friends face-to-face for a while now (work keeps getting in the way + different unis!). We've drifted apart a bit - but we still message about once a week to keep in touch, you know? Meanwhile, with some of you online friends here... I message you guys so often! Like on Twitter, I know that I'll be messaging a couple of you non stop for the large part of like a month. I'd say we're pretty strong friends, because I know that we check up on each other, like I would with my close friends in real life~!

All in all, I'm so honoured to just have friends in general. I know I'm a disorganised mess half the time, and it's awesome to have you all around, who make the effort to keep in contact with me, and just share your life with me as well. I love hearing about your lives, and I hope you guys are fine with me sharing stuff about my life! 

What do you all think? Are your real-life friendships and online friendships different? If so, how? Are your real-life friendships stronger than your online ones? Have I misread anything with our friendships - do I think we're closer than you think we are? Let me know in the comments! :) As always, link up is below, and I can't wait to check out all your links when I can!! <3 

Keep reading and loving books!

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