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Conversations: Why I Started Blogging and Why I Still Do It!

Saturday, May 07, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

It's been another fortnight! Wow, time really flies by! xD Joan and I have another topic of conversation for you this week, with our theme for the month being "Blogging Habits".
So this week, the topic of conversation is...
What pushed you to start blogging and why do you continue to blog?

What pushed me to start blogging?

I am gonna be real here - the impetus was free books. You heard it. I heard about Netgalley from some obscure site, and I just thought to myself, "Free books?? I gotta get me some of that!". I know in the book community, there is a lot of judgement on people who started to blog for the books - so please, no hate. 

I dunno, that's actually a really interesting topic of discussion - why is there such a stigma against people who start book blogging for the free books? Maybe I'm just imagining this stigma. But I've heard a couple of posts here or there that go "YOU SHOULD NEVER START BLOGGING FOR FREE BOOKS." And yes, whilst that's true...isn't it good that people are starting book blogs? Whilst the start may not necessarily be due to pure/good reasons, so long as you keep book blogging, keep sharing the love around, it's awesome that you've started a book blog! 
Then there are the people who don't keep book blogging. Even then, I don't think we should shame them - because eventually, we're all going to stop with book blogging right? Either we'll find we're too busy, or we die first (that's really morbid, sorry). I know from experience, if you initially blog for the books, you're going to tire out. You're going to resent the books you've requested, you're going to struggle with the huge pile of books to read, you're going to cry at your Netgalley request ratio. Pretty much, the weak will weed themselves out. They'll struggle, fail and eventually drop out. Unless they find some other impetus to keep blogging...which thankfully I did. 

Anyway, I was also a huge book lover - I had read so many books since I was young. I breathed books - every night before I slept, I'd read! I didn't care if I'd wake up and be grumpy (though my parents did...), I would just read and read, always telling myself "Just one more chapter...", BUT LET'S FACE IT - THAT WAS ALWAYS A LIE. xD 

Why do I continue to blog?

Because I love torturing myself with lots of stress. NO, I'M JUST KIDDING. 

Whilst blogging definitely does come with its struggles, what with juggling life, school and blogging around, blogging has brought me so many awesome benefits, which have kept me going even after I stopped thinking about the "free" books. For one, I have gotten to know so many awesome people through it! I honestly couldn't shout out anyone here...because ahhh I'd be missing out on so many people! Everyone is just so positive and friendly, and I know that there's always someone who has my back! :) 

And how could I forget that blogging pushes me to read more? I remember reading less than 20 books in 2015. And let's not even talk about 2014 - I think I barely read 5 books that year (that was a bad year for me). But in 2013, when I first started blogging, I read at least 80 books. So many books, so much happiness :D 

Then there's all the books *heart eyes* Being able to find out about all these new books, about independent authors (some of which should be more famous), that's been such an  awesome journey for me.

What about you? Do you blog? If so, why did you start? Why do you keep doing it? Do you reckon there's a stigma against people who started blogging for books (or is that something I'm imagining...? xD )? Are there any bloggers that make blogging worth it for you? Shout them out in the comments below! :D Or...make your own Conversations post and link it down below, I would love to see your posts! 

Keep reading and loving books!

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