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Conversations: Book blog must-haves

Saturday, May 21, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

Welcome to another Conversations post! This week, the topic is...
What are the essential things the blogs you follow have to have?

The blogs I follow don't necessarily have to have all of the following - so long as they have the majority of these things:
  1. Reviews - After all, I'm following a book blog...I gotta have some reviews of books!
  2. Discussion posts - Let's face it, I can't really comment on a lot of reviews sometimes, because I haven't read/heard of some books. So it's nice to follow a blog that has some discussion posts - because that way I can engage with you, even though we might read different book genres!
  3. Interesting/original content - You don't necessary have to have new, never seen before content - so long as you frame something up in a new way, in a way I've never seen before perhaps - you've got me sold.
  4. A personality - I like following people, not robots. I like hearing a little bit about how each person's week/month was. I used to think that weekly/monthly recaps were tiresome, because I thought that it was too hard keeping up with all the bloggers. But I dunno, if you stand out, if you tell me a bit about your life, I know a bit about you, I find it easier to relate to you, to comment, and in general, start up a conversation with you
  5. YA bibliophile - Okay, this one isn't a strict must. But I usually read YA books, and it's really hard for me to keep up with someone, unless they're a YA book blog as well - because I'm usually not interested in other books unless they have a really interesting premise/cover.
  6. Updates frequently - Now, when I say frequently, I mean like, once a week at least. I don't like following inactive blogs (unless they have declared they are inactive, and for how long they'll be on their hiatus), because there's just no point to it - I have no idea when I'll ever hear from them again.
So this was a really short Conversations post this week! :S Still, comment below, let me know what you need to have in a book blog! Always trying to make this blog a better place for everyone - and well, it would be awesome to hear your honest feedback about what I could possibly do to improve below as well! :)

Also - if you're writing up a Conversations post this week - LINK BELOW ^_^

((shout out to all of you - because ahhh I love seeing all your posts!!))

Keep reading and loving books!

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