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Why I rarely participate in Top Ten Tuesdays

Sunday, March 06, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

Every Tuesday, do you notice Top Ten Tuesday posts cropping up everywhere? Well...not here at Corralling Books! Today, I'll be writing about why I rarely post Top Ten Tuesday posts.

I don't hate Top Ten Tuesday. Truly, I don't. I used to participate in Top Ten Tuesday posts regularly!  Just look at my blog archive. I swear, at some point in my blogging time, all I posted were TTT posts! But I don't participate in them regularly anymore. Why? Well that's what this post is here to discuss!

Firstly, I'll admit, the idea behind Top Ten Tuesday is fantastic. Top ten bookish things every week? Hell yeah! Finding out new bookish stuff? Definitely yes! Regardless of these great ideas, there are several reasons why Top Ten Tuesdays have worn out their welcome for me.

One reason I don't love Top Ten Tuesdays so much anymore, is because I feel like it's become a routine. I know when I used to do them, it became a matter of writing the posts in advance and scheduling them, then making sure to put up my link, in the hopes of getting more blog hits. Maybe this was just me being overly worried about hits? Let me know if Top Ten Tuesday has ever been like this for you!

Furthermore, Top Ten Tuesday isn't a way for me to discover new books anymore. In blogs of the same genre, I can usually find the same ten books appearing on every blog, unless there is a truly unique theme. To counter this, of course I could go see blogs of other genres. But being a YA reader, I personally would like to see more variety of YA books in different blogs personally - and I don't see that anymore, which is why I don't enjoy Top Ten Tuesdays so much anymore.

Moreover, I feel like Top Ten Tuesdays has no real interaction anymore. This is my biggest problem with Top Ten Tuesdays, really. Whilst you can get some thoughtful comments from loyal readers, or even other people who have just popped by your blog and checked it out, I feel like some comments are really forced. The commenter will make one comment about one book you've put up there, something really generic like "Oh I love your list!" and then follow it up with "Check my TTT here!!". I don't mind checking out other peoples' Top Ten Tuesdays - in fact you don't even need to tell me to check it out - but I've gotten really frustrated at the generic comments. For me, it feels like people blindly post random comments, just to advertise their Top Ten Tuesday post and get more hits. It just feels false to me. Do you feel the same?

Finally, and I think this is an extension from the previous point, is that I feel like there's no real sense of community. Top Ten Tuesday is such a huge meme now, it's really difficult to get to know other bloggers well from participating in it. I used to participate in Musing Mondays, and I found some great bloggers through participating in that meme, because it was small enough for us all to have a look at each others' posts and really engage with the content. I'd see the same people posting every week, and they'd regularly checked up on my posts, and I regularly checked up on theirs. With Top Ten Tuesdays...I usually only get people who will drop by once, comment and expect me to comment back.

To be honest, my issue with Top Ten Tuesdays are not even limited to JUST Top Ten Tuesdays. They extend to Waiting on Wednesdays, to Stacking the Shelves, to a lot of other memes that I feel share the same hallmarks - a great idea, but ultimately not the best way to make new blogger friendships. I hope that makes sense :/ 

Top Ten Tuesday and other memes definitely have unique ideas, with great concepts, but ultimately, I have problems with them, and these problems boil down to one point - that it's become a huge meme which has lost its social aspect. That being said, whenever there is a great topic, I'll definitely take part in Top Ten Tuesdays, because it then allows me to create unique, individual content, that I love! 

What do you think? Do you think there are issues with my points? Do you have any personal experience with any of my points? Is there something unique about Top Ten Tuesday that I'm missing out on? Do you think that there is an inherent obligation to comment back on the commenter's TTT post? Are there any memes that don't fall into this category? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep reading and loving books,

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