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Conversations | The New Meme On The Block

Friday, March 25, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

Do you remember my previous post, where I discussed why I rarely participate in Top Ten Tuesdays, Waiting on Wednesdays and other big memes? If you missed out on it...check it out here! 

Anyway, I'm mentioning that post, because Joan @ Fiddler Blue and I were chatting in the comments section of that post, on how there is such little interaction in those memes, and how we wished there would be more memes with more interaction! And so...


Conversations is a discussion-based meme that Joan and I are hoping to kickstart in April. We hope that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU reading will participate in it! 

But what is it about?

Basically, Joan and I will have a list of discussion topics for you to write about every fortnight - on a Saturday!. Like any other meme, you'll write your post, publish it, then link it up! If you don't have a blog - don't worry! Just comment in either one of Joan or my blog posts, and let us know your thoughts! Each month will have a different theme. For example, April will be dedicated towards popular issues - and our topics of discussion will be
1) Are there any particular diverse books you read more and why?
2) Is 15 years too young to be reading Fifty Shades of Grey? 

It sounds like any other meme. Why should I join? 

Admittedly, yes, the format is similar to a lot of other memes, but our content will be unique. Our plan is to have topics that encourage and foster conversations (hence the name!)

Can I have a sneak peek of the topics and themes? 

Of course you can! Here is what's coming up for April and May! 

Apr 9
Are there any particular diverse books you read more and why?
Apr 23
Is 15 years old too young to be reading Fifty Shades of Grey?

May 7
What pushed you to start blogging and why do you continue to blog?
May 21
What are the essential things the blogs you follow have to have?

Of course, we will have a dedicated page on each of our blogs for you to check every fortnight! 

Hey, what's your logo though?

We'll leave you guys to decide that! We've come up with four us pick what you want to see every fortnight! Fill in the form below! 

I have an interesting topic idea I want to discuss! 

That's awesome! Pop suggestions down in the form below! 

I really hope that you guys will enjoy Conversations!

Keep reading and loving books!

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