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Love-A-Thon | Mini Challenge #2 Book Bingo!

Sunday, February 21, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

The 2016 Love-A-Thon is hosted by Alexa @ Alexa Loves BooksCee @ The Novel Hermit, Hazel @ Stay Bookish and Mel @ The Daily Prophecy! The aim is to spread love and positivity in the blogging community over the weekend, and I am so excited to be a part of this for the first time! 
So... I might not have gotten around to the first mini-challenge (HEY, IT WAS 11PM FOR ME!!) but I'm so excited to participate in this second one! I love playing Bingo, I have an insane competitive streak! Anyway, I'll be keeping track of everything that I've done in the Love-A-Thon with this bingo sheet below! Plus, I shall give you an account of how I finished them, below the bingo sheet! 

Visit 5 blogs

Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian - Krystianna seems like such a cool person! Here is her LoveAThon questionnaire to get to know her better! I love her blog name, and the music she likes is pretty cool too!
Carlisa @ Confessions of Carlisa - Here is Carlisa's response to the LoveAThon questionnaire - get to know her! She's so friendly and her bio is awesome! Plus...she plays the violin too! 

Jayvee @ Writers for Misfits - Here is Jayvee's LoveAThon questionnaire response! Her name is so cool! I have a younger sister named Genevieve, and I thought Genevieve was already a unique name, but Jayvee has it one step higher, with her full name being Jenevieve! 
Andrea @ The Overstuffed Bookcase - I LOVE that Andrea thought of the library with Vashta Nerada in it for her ideal library - always nice to see another Whovian! Here is her response to the questionnaire! 
Irena @ Book Dust Magic - Irena is actually super friendly! She and I commented back and forth on her responses in the questionnaire she posted for quite some time - she's super friendly! :) 

Join One of the Love-A-Thon Twitter Chats

I DID THIS! I joined in on the first Twitter chat - it was super fun, and I found a bunch of new friends/cool people~
I probably can't participate in the second Twitter chat (going out with friends!) or the third Twitter chat (start of my Orientation Week!), but I SHALL TRY! 

Participate in one other challenge

I did this! I participated in Mini-Challenge #3 - The Book Spine Poetry! :) Super hard, I spent about 3-4 hours on mine...? Just because I'm a huge perfectionist haha xD 

Find 3 new Instagram accounts and follow

Leave a comment on some of your favourite blogs

Yep, I stopped by Emily @ Paperback Princes's blog and commented on the Deserted Island book tag she did (after I tagged her in it!) - she had some awesome picks! 
I love reading reviews, especially when Aentee @ Read at Midnight writes them in her seemingly effortless writing style! She wrote a review on Passenger...and when it came time to comment...I think I was a blathering mess! 
I also commented on a post over at Pages Unbound...I don't know who wrote the post though, but all I can say is that these guys at Pages Unbound have made a foolproof questions you should ask yourself if you're stuck for blog ideas! 

Tweet 3 of your favourite authors 

Watch 3 videos from new YouTubers, and follow! 

Dedicate a blog post to talk about some of your favourite blogs, Youtube and Instagram accounts 

Yep, here it is! A bit late with it...but hey, it's love - who cares if it's a bit late? :P 

Colour Hunt! Find a blog with a purple, blue and pink design! 

Heh. I'm going to be super sneaky now. The title does ask for "A" blog with a purple, blue and pink design. A. Uno. One. Eins. Yi. SO...I HAVE FOUND ONE BLOG THAT COMBINES THESE ELEMENTS... 
Have a look at Erin's blog - all her headers and posts have some form of purple, blue and pink in them! Especially her header - she's put all three colours in one header! :) 

I think I actually did alright... :D Six our of nine is a pretty good outcome! 
How did your book bingo go? Let me know some awesome recs for YouTubers and Instagrammers (for when I actually get my phone...)! 

Keep reading and loving books!

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