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Fanboy Book Club Introduction post!

Saturday, February 13, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

I recently joined the Fanboy Book Club! I'm in the middle of kinda getting to know the bookish community a bit more - and I'm super excited to be joining this club - it sounds really fun! :) Pretty much, in this club, we talk about books with male leads! As a person who doesn't really read many books with male leads, it should be great to broaden my reading perspectives! 

1 Tell us a little bit about yourself!

     I'm a teenage blogger, living in Australia! I recently graduated high school, and am starting university really soon at UQ! :) I love reading YA books (it's pretty much the only genre I read now, to be honest) and I also like playing on my violin~ :) 

2 How did you come up with your blog name?

AHAHA there really isn't a great story to this. I just wanted a classy sounding blog name,  which reflects the book reader and hoarder in me, so I pretty much just trawled through a thesaurus for some time, until I hit upon the perfect word -- corralling. I mashed that together with books, and voila, you have my blog name - Corralling Books! 

Fun part:

3 Who is your favorite male character?

Um... do I have to choose? xD 
My favourite male character of all time would be James Potter to be honest...HE JUST DID SO MUCH FOR LILY. Overcame so many things to be with her! He got over his arrogant frame of mine, ignored the purist societies, and stood with her against Voldemort. 

4 I'm giving you the freedom here. Who are your book husbands/book boyfriends?

Like Trisha at The Bookgasm, I am a serial adulteress! I HAVE HEAPS. Let me see... there's Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs (let's cross out every time Tessa was mentioned in The Infernal Devices and replace it with Gerri!), Peeta Mellark, Mr. Bingley, Neville Longbottom,  Adrian Ivashkov...and many more... :P 

5 Book with a male lead that really stuck to your heart?

I Am Number Four and the other books in the series! The hero of the books is John Smith, or Four. They're not particularly heart-warming in any way...but they remind me of my childhood home, because I read the first few ones in Malaysia. My parents didn't like to buy too many books for me (because we had a heap at home already), so I reread these books endlessly! 
6 Link to your social media accounts.

Bloglovin' | Twitter Facebook Goodreads Google + 
Eheheh, I link to my social media accounts all the time now :3 Shameless self-promotion! :P 
Anyway, I use Twitter and Goodreads the most often - so if you ever wanna contact me, try using those first! :) 

If you guys are interested, and wanna join the Fanboy Book Club, just sign up here:

Remember, it's not limited to just boys or girls or anything - it's just a group where we talk books with male leads~! :) 

Keep reading and loving books,

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