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Help needed! Choosing a new blog logo

Monday, January 04, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

With the new year here, I kinda want to revamp up this blog. I've seen so many beautiful blogs, with beautiful logos, it's really motivated me to change from this template that I've had since 2012... xD

Changing from my current blue checked template means that I will need a logo though, because otherwise it just won't look good enough to me.

I'm stuck between five different options that I made today.
Option A, B and C share the same overall graphic, but I've made changes to the font and I've added some overlays to Option C.
Option D and E also share the same overall graphic - they just differ because Option E has butterflies.

I know I'm probably being REALLY meticulous about this, but please let me know what you think by commenting your top three preferences in order at the comments below! 

Option A

 Option B

Option C

 Option D

 Option E

Thanks so much for your help guys! As always, keep reading and loving books! :D 

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