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2016 Resolutions for Corralling Books

Friday, January 01, 2016 Geraldine 0 Comments

New year, new goals! 

Every year, I love to do New Years Resolutions. Last year, I managed to tick off eight out of ten personal resolutions!
This year, in addition to my ten personal resolutions (which I have yet to organisational skills are fantastic!1!1!), I'll be making blogging resolutions. 

In the past...I've been pretty slack with blogging. Two years away from blogging is pretty slack. To avoid it this year, here are my five blogging resolutions!

Blogging Resolutions!

  1. Blog at least once a month - preferably a review~
  2. Connect with more people - I'm hoping to find twenty new readers this year!
  3. Complete the three challenges I've signed up for this year! They're Around the World, Monthly Keyword Challenges and Bookish Scene: Project 52 (click on each name for the challenge page!)
  4.  Read at least sixty books this year! Shouldn't be too hard...but then again, not too sure because university! :D 
  5. Post Seasonal Songs and Beyond the Pages features! Read below to find out more about these - they're NEW features that I want to implement! 

Did I hear you just say that you're going to be having NEW features? 

Why yes, in addition to these resolutions, I'll be starting new features! I really love Corralling Books as a book blog, but I have so many interests...So here are two features that I'm hoping to start and continue throughout 2016!

Seasonal Songs 

Seasonal Songs is going to be a feature where I post a playlist or some songs that I've really enjoyed over the past season (three months). Depending on the type of music I've been listening to, the playlist posted can either be seasonal (reflecting a particular season) or just tidbits of what I've been listening to recently! I'll accompany these playlists with why I like the songs, if they relate to any books I've recently read...etc :) 

Beyond the Pages 

Beyond the Pages is actually something that Jamie at Perpetual Page Turner does, and I love the concept! Pretty much, Beyond the Pages posts discuss real life issues that books have brought up, and made me think about. I won't be doing this feature too much - only when a book has struck a chord. Still, Beyond the Pages is such a great feature, in my opinion, because books are there to convey a message and sometimes to teach us - and Beyond the Pages is a great way to discuss these issues and bring them to light. 

What about you? Any bookish resolutions? Any blogging resolutions? What do you think of my resolutions? What about the features - anything I could improve upon? Let me know in the comments - always eager to hear from you! 

Happy New Year - here's to a great 2016! 

Keep reading and loving books,

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