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Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Sunday, October 18, 2015 Geraldine 0 Comments

I don't know if I'll be back from my hiatus... I might try reviewing books again for a while - definitely slipped off from doing that over the past two years :( 

The Breakdown

  • Description- so good, that I didn't need to have dialogue to make it interesting
  • Quotable quotes!!! 
    Rating: 5 stars
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    It's been so long since I've read a book like this; one with not much dialogue, but still managing to suck me in anyway. I was hooked into the book because of the unique concept, however Anderson kept me reading with her vivid description, that paints a beautiful picture of Neverland, the Sky Eater tribe, of Tik Tok, of everything in general!

    Anderson really cuts at the heart, this story revolving around first and lost loves. The book is written in such a beautiful way, that so many sections are quotable.

                           "You're just a piece of yourself right now that you don't like"
                                                            -Tik Tok

    Jodi Lynn Anderson, the marvellous writer she is, goes past the traditional ideal of Neverland, where people never grow up. She makes it clear that, while people in Neverland don't physically grow up, they emotionally age and change, with a spectacular ending that shows how Tiger Lily has changed. I love the characterisation, the quotes, so much about this book!

    Words really cannot express how much I enjoyed this novel! I would recommend this book to anyone, whether they be a fan of Peter Pan or not. It's enjoyable, and I know that I will be looking out for some of Anderson's other works!

    Keep reading and loving books,

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