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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me Pick Up/ Buy a Book

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 Geraldine 4 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish, and, by golly, when I found out about it, I decided to join in on the fun! Every Tuesday, a new topic comes out for bloggers to post a list about. This week, it's the Top Ten Words/Topics That Make Me Pick Up/ Buy a Book.

As usual, I'll be deviating off the usual path, and instead be including words that make me instantaneously drop a book. There aren't many words/phrases that will make me pick up/ buy a book, and that's because I'm a person who isn't very easily satisfied... I'm fussy, and that's the way I like myself. I'll also be listing phrases, since there are those cliche phrases that I hate that I do need to list. Never fear, though! I'll still have a list with happy phrases! Without further ado, here is the list!
  1. 'mysterious boy/girl in town'-THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST OVERRATED PHRASES TO BE USED. I blame Twilight for this. Whenever a book mentions this in the blurb, I immediately put it down. This reflex is the main reason why I haven't gotten around to reading 'Beautiful Creatures', which means I probably won't be watching the movie anytime soon unless I *shudder* get over my aversion to these types of books.
  2. 'assassin'- This word immediately intrigues me, especially if it's set in an alternate universe or the past. After all, there's always some complication going on. Like, the assassin falls in love with the target, or the assassin has been captured, etc. Some really good examples are Throne of Glass and Poison. I haven't read Poison and it doesn't have the word 'assassin' in it, but it does have a theme where the protagonist needs to murder someone important, and it has that thing where the assassin is/was personally close to the target. Will she kill him? Or will she spare him? That's the intrigue of it, and its appeal to me.
  1. 'academy'- This word reeks of royalty... It's so fancy and I REALLY LIKE IT. I like anything to do with school... I've noticed that in books to do with school, there's always a bunch of drama and excitement, and that kind of stuff! It's like the Hunger Games at times, with all that drama. Like, take Vampire Academy for an example. There's so much rivalry going on in there at times and so much drama, as well as mystery... 
  2. 'fairytale'- I pick up books that mention fairytales, because I have this weird fascination with fairytales. I love rewrites of fairytales, and how creative writers can be with the characters and the surroundings. Although this isn't book-related, Once Upon A Time is a pretty good TV show. All the fairytales meshed together, and there's even Mulan! Nothing can beat Mulan~
  3. 'world is ending'- It's always interesting to read about the next way that the world will be destroyed, and how it will be saved. These kind of books always are action-packed and keep me reading and reading, and hoping for more action.

  4. Anything sea-related- It's kinda funny. I hate going to the beach, primarily because of all the creepy creatures that could pop out at any time, i.e. jellyfish and sharks, but I would immediately pick up any book that mentions humans and any-sea related creature interacting together. Of course, I'd be reluctant to pick up one of these books if they were non-fiction though... The appeal of being able to interact with animals, and even partake in the activities they do at times is quite attractive. 
  5. 'angel' - Another one of my reflex actions. Anytime I see a book with the word 'angel' or 'fallen angel' on it, I immediately drop it. It can only take great persuasion and great trust in a person,  for me to pick up one of these books, the only reason why I read 'Hush Hush'. And now, I'm also forcing myself to read the rest of the books in the series, because I have this weird thing, where I must finish a book or series, no matter how bad it is...                                                                                                
  6. Anything to do with mythology- I actually love mythology, especially Greek and Roman mythology, which is why I love the Goddess Test. I remember buying it... I picked it up off the shelf, read the blurb.... and found out it was a new spin on Greek mythology. I made the spur-of-the-moment decision to buy it, just because of my love for mythology.
  7. 'fulfill his/her destiny'- This is actually a bit of a mix. Sometimes, it works, other times, it just deters me and makes me want to stop reading books with that in its description for the rest of my life. It's not this exact phrase all the time, but it's blurbs that have this theme in it, you know? I guess it really depends on how this theme is represented in the blurb.
  8. 'genius'- I have no idea why, but I love reading books about geniuses. Like, for example, the Mysterious Benedict Society (I think that's what it's called), is really interesting. It's got all these things about how the child geniuses solve problems and save the world. Same goes with Mozart's Sister, which is like a historical fiction, about Nannerl, Mozart's sister, who could also have been considered a prodigy. It's just really interesting!
Are there any themes or words that make you instantaneously pick up a book? Or drop it straight down and bury it in the pile of books to never read? Comment below~

Keep reading and loving books,


Top Ten Tuesday; Top Ten Books I Thought I'd Like MORE/LESS than I did

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Geraldine 15 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish, and, by golly, when I found out about it, I decided to join in on the fun! Every Tuesday, a new topic comes out for bloggers to post a list about. This week, it's the Top Ten Books I Thought I'd Like MORE/LESS than I did.

There are so many books which I start reading with high expectations and end up bummed out with how horrendous the book truly was. Then there are those books that look so daggy and sound the worse, but in reality, they somehow turn into the best books ever. I have those experiences all the time. Here's just a select list of the books that I've thought I'd like more/less than I actually did.

  1. Hades by Alexandra Adornetto- Well, my first problem: I didn't know that it was the second book in a series. I have this thing where I must start a series with the first book, but that information is for a later day... Another problem I had: the cover was misleading! I thought the book would be great, because the cover looked so polished! But, it's evident that at the time, I hadn't fully learnt the lesson of 'Don't judge a book by its cover'.
  2. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare- I really thought this book was going to be horrible. The blurb really didn't catch my attention and the first page just bamboozled me. What was the Pandemonium? What;s happening? Why are they talking about Valentine's day? But then, it got better, once I started reading about Jocelyn and the demon that broke in. Much more interesting, until I finally got hooked. Especially with the whole family relationships thing.
  3. The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead- Don't get me wrong, this book was good, but it wasn't great for me. I expected so much more and I thought that the pacing was a bit too irregular at times. I love the series, love the characters, it's just that I expected more out of them.
  4. Stargazer by Claudia Gray- I really thought this book would be nice. Like, I had read the previous book, Evernight, and it was pretty good, but it also wasn't great. I was expecting a nice little interesting read with more mysteries, but instead I got a book that didn't appeal to me. I guess it was the writing style, maybe?
  5. Divergent by Veronica Roth- I was assigned to read this book for Reader's Cup last year (Reader's Cup is like a competition where you get quizzed on the facts of five books; it's extremely fun!), and yes, was kind of interested, but I really didn't anticipate how anticipating and ingenious it would be, until I started reading it. I loved the idea of initiation into factions, and how ruthless it was for Dauntless. 
  6. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins- This book was such a disappointment towards the end. I was hoping for an epic finale, where everything would resolve itself and I would know exactly what would happen to each and every character. Instead I was left with a brief summary of how Katniss, Peeta and Gale ended up. I felt like the ending was more oriented towards the love-triangle now. I really did want to know what happened to Annie and how she was coping.
  7. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead-Like City of Bones, I was confused at the start of the book. I'd only picked this book up thanks to a friend of mine who had recommended it. I didn't really get what Rose and Lissa were hiding from and why they had to hide. Only when they got captured and were sent to St Vladimir's did I start to get hooked onto this book.
  8. Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick- I have this thing where I must read every single book in a series if I've read a book in the series. I read 'Hush Hush' by request from my friend, and I found it pretty good, though kind of similar to 'Twilight' with the whole mysterious guy thing. Reading 'Crescendo' though, was a bit of a disappointment. I couldn't stand how weak Nora was in this book, how needy she was. And Scott, he really didn't give me a good impression. I can only hope that 'Silence' the next book in the series is so much better.
  9. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins- I didn't really think this book would be good. I mean, I'd been let down so many times by books that I'd heard were good, but really did suck in the end, so I went in reading this book, thinking it would, at best, be a comforting read. I didn't ever expect for it to be so good~ It actually did change my views on so many things, which is the main reason why I really liked it.
  10. Twilight- Now don't diss me, I actually did enjoy Twilight for a certain while. I remember the Twilight craze and everyone being really into it, but I could never see why. It seemed so boring. When a friend lent me the book to read, I actually found it relatively nice to read. It was engaging, and I really credit Twilight for being the book that introduced me to YA. I don't really like it all that much anymore, having been exposed to better, higher-caliber YA books, but Twilight, to me will forever be memorialized as the book that got me reading YA novels.


Forty Days by Stephanie Parent

Monday, April 22, 2013 Geraldine 0 Comments

Welcome to my stop on the Forty Days blog tour hosted by YA Bound.  Click HERE to see the full blog tour schedule!
The entire village knows Neima’s grandfather is a madman. For years the old man has prophesied that a great flood is coming, a flood disastrous enough to blot out the entire earth. He’s even built an enormous ark that he claims will allow his family to survive the deluge. But no one believes the ravings of a lunatic…
…until the rain starts. And doesn’t stop. Soon sixteen-year-old Neima finds her entire world transformed, her life and those of the people she loves in peril. Trapped on the ark with her grandfather Noah, the rest of her family, and a noisy, filthy, and hungry assortment of wild animals, will Neima find a way to survive?
With lions, tigers, and bears oh my, elephants and flamingos too, along with rivalries and betrayals, a mysterious stowaway, and perhaps even an unexpected romance, FORTY DAYS is not your grandfather’s Noah’s Ark story.
FORTY DAYS is approximately 45000 words, the length of a shorter novel, and is the first installment in a two-part epic story. It does contain a cliffhanger ending.
Readers looking for a traditional, religiously oriented version of the Noah’s Ark story should be warned that FORTY DAYS may not appeal to them. The novel will, however, appeal to lovers of apocalyptic fiction, historical fiction, and romance, as well as anyone who’s ever dreamed of having a baby elephant as a pet.

I signed up for this book tour a couple of weeks ago, interested in an adaption of the Bible, and pretty much forgot all about how I had to write this review. So, today, I reluctantly opened up the book and started reading. I got so sucked in, I finished reading it in 2 hours max. This book really is a new fresh way to look at the frequently told tale of Noah's Ark, and I found it engaging and interesting!

Some parts of this book were rather monotone, though. I skipped reading tiny bits of the book, like the parts I felt weren't relevant to the book. For example, all the little tidbits in the main character, Neima’s life. I just felt like they were boring, mundane and not really helpful to the overall plot line.

Stephanie Parent has done a great job in characterisation; she portrays Neima's enemies as truly detestable. Instead of going really overboard with trying to get the audience to dislike the antagonist, like how some authors, she manipulates the words and just makes the reader dislike the antagonist by the actions they commit against Neima. In addition to this, I really love how Parent has adapted the Biblical tale to fit her purposes, and how Noah isn't the central character. She also has taken into consideration the outrage the society that Noah was part of would have felt, and the beliefs and how they would react. Having everything thought out like that just makes the story seem so much more alive.

Neima was a really relatable character. I felt like I could understand her, that she didn't want to be part of the family she was in at times, that she just wanted to be accepted, by her best friend, etc. She wanted to be normal and to have guys go after her, etc., instead of being part of a family that is ostracised for having an odd grandparent.

It’s a pretty short book, in terms of length, apparently. Thankfully though, there will be a sequel, Forty Days: Part 2. On the topic of sequels and endings, the cliffhanger at the end of the book was so irritating! I hate cliffhangers; they always just make me want to read more and more. That is the curse of a booklover; once they start reading, they can’t stop.

I would rate this book a 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. I just got frustrated when I felt like the plot was moving too slow, yet I found the book too short as well. Mixed emotions! Nevertheless, this book was a really good read, and I most definitely will be looking forward to the next part in the story, which comes out the summer of 2013~ CAN'T WAIT!!

Keep reading and loving books,


About the Author
Stephanie Parent is a graduate of the Master of Professional Writing program at USC and attended the Baltimore School for the Arts as a piano major. She moved to Los Angeles because of Francesca Lia Block's WEETZIE BAT books, which might give you some idea of how much books mean to her. She also loves dogs, books about dogs, and sugary coffee drinks both hot and cold.

Forty Days is on sale this week only for only $.99! Go get your copy!


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Top Ten Tuesday: Rewind

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 Geraldine Lee 0 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish, and, by golly, when I found out about it, I decided to join in on the fun! Every Tuesday, a new topic comes out for bloggers to post a list about. This week, it's a REWIND, and I can pick any topic I've missed out on or I want to revisit!

Remember how I was quite busy in the past month? Well, I missed out on doing a Top Ten Tuesday post I was really excited about, the Top Ten Favourite Characters in X Genre. So, when presented with this opportunity to do it; I took it!

I have chosen my Top Ten Favourite Characters in the Young Adult Genre. Mainly because it's my favourite genre!!! Surprisingly though, I always seem to find flaws in the characters. I guess I'm just *giggle* finnicky *giggle* like that (Get it???? Finnick?). Well, feel free to comment, like always! I don't mind a lively debate!

Okay, so here's the list. Not in order though... That would not be possible. Plus, there are hundreds and thousands more characters I love, but can't put in here... WHY??
  1. Annabeth Chase- I admire Annabeth so much. She's like, the pinnacle of role-models I have. Fictional role-models. She's just so strong, and she always manages to get by, somehow, even when things are getting tough. She stands up for what she believes in and she remains strong, even when she's placed under so much pressure.
  2. Sevy- From the Sevy series, which I recently read. I found her to be very determined and willing to get what she wanted, which was something I truly admire. She doesn't care what others think of her, and tries to do the best by her and the people she loves.
  3. Tessa Gray- Smart, loyal and not one to cause unnecessary trouble, Tessa's been one of my favourite characters for the past 2 years since I started reading the Infernal Devices. She's so wise, yet loyal. She would never try to tear apart Will and Jem, best friends and parabatai. 
  4. Alaska Young- Though I hated her impulsiveness, I really did want to emulate it too. I wanted to be able to take risks, to seem careless, to seem as wise as she seemed. I wanted to live my life without any cares in the world, but probably not in the way that she did it. I truly admire her bravery and her ability to try to live with everything she's been through. 
  5. Anne Shirley- Is Anne of Green Gables considered a YA novel? Ehh, even if it isn't, who cares? I love Anne, and she has always been a character that I adored, purely because of the scrapes that she's been in and how hardworking and determined/pigheaded she truly is. 
  6. Sirius Black-He's always been one of my favourite characters in Harry Potter, because he's always tried to be there for Harry. Plus, who wouldn't love a godfather who gave you a Firebolt?
  7. Fred and George Weasley- The comedic jokes that these two played on each other were so amusing! I loved how they could finish each other's sentences, and I especially loved their trysts with Umbridge!
  8. Skulduggery Pleasant- This skeleton is so sarcastic, it's really quite amusing. The little trysts he gets up to and his escapades are really quite interesting to read. And his yellow Canary! Actually he does remind me a bit of the Doctor, now that I think about it... There's the whole companion thing and the eccentricity...
  9. Miles Halter- He seems like just the sweetest person on Earth! He was really loyal, and he's a favourite of mine because of that. Plus, he was also really determined to get down and figure out the mystery, for Alaska's sake. 
  10. Simon Lewis- He's Clary's best friend, but what I love about him as a character is that he doesn;t only cling to Clary; he shows that he can lead his own life, make his own decisions. Sure, he's loyal, but he has the guts to do what must be done, even at the expense of his own life. 
Well, I'm sure you must also have a list~ Or can you not chose, like me? Comment below!

Keep reading and loving books,


Clockwork Princess: a heartwrenching conclusion to The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Friday, April 12, 2013 Geraldine 0 Comments

Danger and betrayal, secrets and enchantment in the breathtaking conclusion to the Infernal Devices trilogy

Tessa Gray should be happy - aren't all brides happy?
Yet as she prepares for her wedding, a net of shadows begins to tighten around the Shadowhunters of the London Institute.
A new demon appears, one linked by blood and secrecy to Mortmain, the man who plans to use his army of pitiless automatons, the Infernal Devices, to destroy the Shadowhunters. Mortmain needs only one last item to complete his plan. He needs Tessa. And Jem and Will, the boys who lay equal claim to Tessa's heart, will do anything to save her.

A couple of posts back, I put this book on the list of books to read in 2013. A hardcore lover of The Infernal Devices, I have been waiting for ages to get my hands on this book, which came out on March 19th. Then, on the 28th of March, 2013, I finally plucked up the courage to go buy it. You ask why I needed courage? Well, it's the conclusion of The Infernal Devices, for the Angel's sake! It's the end to a marvelous series and the book where everything comes to an end! Now that I'm done with my rant on how beautiful it is, here's the actual review~

Tessa Gray is supposed to be happy. After all, she is getting married to Jem Carstairs, the boy she loves. But how can she be happy when she knows that Jem is dying? How can she be happy when she knows that Will, Jem's closest friend, is also in love with her? And how can she be happy that she is dooming all of her Sahdowhunter friends to death at the hands of Mortmain's automatons? Will Tessa Gray ever find happiness? Clockwork Princess, the stunning finale to the Infernal Devices series reveals it all. 

I was a bit cautious about reading this book; I love the Infernal Devices. The whole drama of it all, Tessa's character, the adventure... I've always preferred it over the Mortal Instruments, the side-along series to the Infernal Devices, which is why I was wary in buying it. What if it wasn't as good as I had hoped? What if everything went wrong and nothing ended up the way I wanted it to? 

Tessa was headstrong, to be sure, but not to the point where she irritated me. A likable character, she still used a bit of common sense, unlike Clary in the Mortal Instruments. Plus, she loved reading books, a trait that I can certainly relate to. Tessa was a relatable, genuine character. Will was his usual snarky self, but he was so much more than that in this book. He was passionate and determined to get whatever he wanted, which showed a different side to his personality. Another side of Jem was seen too, the side of him that was just as much like Will. The Lightwood brothers were also explored more in-depth, and it was clear that they weren't just solid figures there to extend the story, but Clare had made them an intricate part of the plot. There were little moments where Gabriel narrated, and it was great to see how much he had changed. And lastly, Cecily. A late addition to the series, Clare also proved that she had a purpose. Cecily was strong and independent, all values which I personally hoped that she would have, being the sister of Will Herondale and all. 

This book gave way to so many feelings and emotions! There were moments where I just laughed my head off like a crazy maniac, and other times where I just sobbed like a baby. The words the Clare writes flows so naturally. Nothing is too detailed to the point of boredom, but not too simplistic that the reader has no idea what's going on.

And the ending. What a beautiful ending! I loved how everything was balanced out in the end. It was such a great idea too, to set it up in the future. In a true Cassandra Clare style, there's still yet a mystery at the end of the book, one which will (hopefully) be revealed in the City of Heavenly Souls, the last book of the Mortal Instruments. In my opinion, the ending would please both Wessa and Jessa shippers. I know it pleased me, a person who was conflicted because she shipped Tessa with both Will and Jem.

5 stars. All I can say is 5 stars. It was a pleasure reading this book, and I really can't wait for more of Clare's work, especially for those Bane Chronicles coming out soon. People may hate on Cassandra Clare for how she has continuously written about the Shadowhunter universe, but if Clare keeps writing her books in this style, in this way that entrances the human population, she will forever be a successful author. 

Keep reading and loving books,


A little mini-rant: ignore if you wish

Tuesday, April 09, 2013 Geraldine Lee 4 Comments

Here's my little rant; I'm sorry, but I feel the urgent need to post this. And I'll probably regret it later on, but meh. So, if you're reading, and you're not interested in reading my rant..... I'M JUDGING YOU. If you're reading, and you're actually interested in reading this.... THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE. I'll explain why soon.

Well, I'm sure everyone has seen a couple of book blogs... And how they've got a little special section tucked away for all the past review they've done... And me, my blog, I've got one too, as you can see here. But the thing that really annoys me is how little reviews I have! I look at all the other blogs, and they all have extensive lists of book reviews! And I'm just here, only having, what, 25 book reviews at most? It is the worst feeling.... I feel like I should be reading more books, reviewing more books! Then, when I want to do that, there's always something going on that I need to attend to! I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN! How can people manage to write their posts so frequently? And how can they make their reviews sound so interesting and fluid and not repetitive? I feel at such a loss!
Then there's the whole thing with followers.... I HAVE NONE. Like seriously. I get so depressed at the thought of just typing things up on the Internet that no one actually cares about or wants to read.... I love books, sure, but it would be great to be heard once in a while...
Why must there be so many books in the world? I cannot possibly keep up with them! WHY?? I should invent some sort of a time-machine like device that enables me to travel through space and time, much like the TARDIS or the Time-Turner.... I'm still waiting on that Hogwarts letter, Hogwarts! WHY I NO GET HOGWARTS LETTER?????
I think I'm done with my rant...

So, in conclusion, it's pretty clear that no human will ever come across this blog.... Though, if anyone does stumble across this and does read this... well, feel free to comment and brighten my day up somehow.... YES, I'M TALKING TO YOU, WHOEVER THAT MANAGES THE LETTERS FOR HOGWARTS!

Keep reading and loving books,


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Books I Read Before I Was A Blogger

Tuesday, April 09, 2013 Geraldine 10 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish, and, by golly, when I found out about it, I decided to join in on the fun! Every Tuesday, a new topic comes out for bloggers to post a list about. This week, it's the Top Ten Books Favourite Books I Read Before I Was a Blogger.

This list will have quite a few popular books, mainly
because I only recently became a blogger. I've only read 23 books since then... I really feel as if I'm repeating the list from a week ago, so this list will be fairly short. 

Edge of Truth by Natasha Hanova

Friday, April 05, 2013 Geraldine 0 Comments

Citizens who report to work on time, obey the Overlord’s laws, and stay off the Synbot’s radar, live long lives. Long, dull, monotonous lives.

It’s not a bad plan for someone with a hidden, emotion-based ability to trigger earthquakes. In a world pitted against her, sixteen-year-old Rena Moon strives for a life beyond working herself to death at the factory. Seeing an alternative, she risks selling relics from the forbidden lands at Market. It becomes the worst decision she ever made. Someone kidnaps her best friend in exchange for the one thing that would end her oppression. 

Driven by loyalty, Rena and seventeen-year-old Nevan Jelani, soulful composer, green thumb extraordinaire, and the secret love of her life, plot to rescue her friend and reclaim her salvage. Still, the thought lingers whether Nevan is a true hero or another thief waiting for his chance at her loot. Events spin wildly, deepening Rena’s suspicions and pushing her limit of control. With more than her chance for freedom at stake, she must decide if she’s willing to kill to protect what’s precious to her. For once, the Overlord isn’t holding all the power, but can Rena live with being reduced to what she’s trying so hard to escape?

Rena and Blaze are the best of friends. One day, they find relics in the forbidden lands and decide to sell them. Rena never expected that this activity could get Blaze kidnapped. But Blaze has been kidnapped, and now Rena is on a rescue mission to find her, though she never expected Nevan, her long-time crush to accompany her. With his help, can she find Blaze? 

 Right from the beginning, does Natasha Hanova use the new terminology she has created for this book. The terms she has made up include curse words, like 'bodink' and names of the new machinery, called 'Syns'. It did confuse me at the start of the book, but I eventually grew more and more used to it, and discovered what they would generally mean by the context that Hanova used them in. I found them irritating at the start, but by the end of the book, I found them to be a unique part of the novel.

Edge of Truth was paced quite rapidly, which made it hard for me to absorb every detail. This made it even more difficult for me to fully understand Rena's surroundings, and I did have to re-read a few sections at times.

In spite of this, though, it did have a very interesting premise; the whole setting of the dystopian future was really quite good. It wasn't all gloom and doom and something completely different to what we have today. In fact, Hanova has only amplified our problems in today's society. This makes everything so much more easier to relate to, and no huge loads of imagination are needed to visualise how Rena lived her life.

Throughout the novel, when Rena was rescuing Blaze, there were moments where I thought she was more preoccupied with Nevan. She kept forgetting about Blaze, and I was really quite annoyed with Rena's character during those brief moments. Thought these sections of the book really did irritate me, I found that Rena's willingness to rescue her friend quite daring and brave, which were qualities I admire in a protagonist. Though Rena was headstrong, I never found her so determined that she lost sight of what was important and rushed into unnecessary violent situations that she could have avoided, like how some pigheaded protagonists do.

The ending was hopeful. There seems to be a promise for a better future, for a revolution where everyone can do what they wish. The saplings seem like a symbol of hope, much like the mockingjay in the Hunger Games. 

This book deserves a 3 stars out of 5 stars from me. It was action packed, had a bit of romance in it, and was quite interesting as a whole. The only faults I garnered were pretty much just that it was paced too quickly and that Rena's character left some things to be desired.

Keep reading and loving books,


(I received an electronic version of this book from the publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing in exchange for an honest review)

Top Ten Tuesday:Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character

Wednesday, April 03, 2013 Geraldine 0 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish, and, by golly, when I found out about it, I decided to join in on the fun! Every Tuesday, a new topic comes out for bloggers to post a list about. This week, it's the Top Ten Books Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character.
  1. Will Herondale- I'm still in my bout of wonder from Clockwork Princess (I solemnly swear to post a review of it soon~) and as a result of that, I find myself infatuated with Will Herondale. His snarkiness,  dedication and passion are just a few of the qualities I truly love about this character.
  2. Jem Carstairs- Another one of my crushes in Clockwork Princess! I mean, he's from China, what more can be said? I love how he speaks in Chinese occasionally, and he plays the violin! He is pretty much my male counterpart, but he's a calm person, unlike me...
  3. Gideon Lightwood- Last of the Clockwork Princess crushes, I swear! The scone scene from that book really cemented my love for this character~ It was comical! He's willing to risk and lose so much for Sophie, and it's just so... *faints*
  4. Adrian Ivashkov- No explanation is needed, he's just amazingly flawless. If you don't agree; read all of the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines novels all over again. 
  5. Gilbert Blythe- I don't know why I like Gilbert.... I REALLY DON'T!!! Maybe I love him because he's just Gilbert. Though it could be because I really like how he never gave up on Anne... 
  6. Fitzwilliam Darcy- He may look tough and mean on the outside,  but as Pride and Prejudice has proven, he's really quite a softie at heart. He wants the best for Elizabeth, and would do anything for her happiness... *swoon*
  7. Etienne St. Clair- He has his flaws, but those flaws are what makes him so crush-worthy! I love how he's so friendly too, to everyone. 
  8.  Percy Jackson- Actually, he's not a guy I would crush on... But he's most definitely adorable~ 
Huh. I swear I had more fictional crushes than just these 8...

Keep reading and loving books,