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Reflection on September

Monday, September 30, 2013 Geraldine 0 Comments

I stumbled across this idea on Inspirefly, and thought it was a really good idea! From now on, I'll be reflecting on the books I read every month. It's nice to kind of get all my thoughts in order, I guess, and contemplate and marvel at the books I've read throughout the month.

Well, this was a pretty good month for reading! I've finished reading some particularly good books, like The Host and Escape from Eden.

List of books read:

  • Before I Die --- Jenny Downham
  • The Host --- Stephanie Meyer
  • Who-ology --- Cavan Scott, Mark Wright
  • Dualed --- Elsie Chapman
  • Escape from Eden --- Elise Nader 
  • 172 Hours on the Moon --- Johan Harsted
  • Austenland --- Shannon Hale
  • The Lonely Hearts Club --- Elizabeth Eulberg
  • XVI --- Julia Karr
  • One Day --- David Nicholls
I think the best books this month has got to be Escape from Eden. Mainly because it was so unexpectedly good! I was expecting for it to be a kind of book where the cover was amazing, but the actual content was glib and boring. 

I also recently got a job at a bookshop~ Lucky me, I know! But yeah, this month is like the first month I've consistently worked at that bookshop~~~ I'm loving every moment working in that store! I'm surrounded by all those books, and I give recommendations to people who come in, and I also get to find out more new books! It's always been my dream to work at a bookstore, and now I'm finally doing it!

Got any ideas for me to take up? Any books that I should read? Comment below!
Keep reading and loving books, 


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