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August 6: Top Ten Books I Wish Could Have Had Sequels

Tuesday, August 06, 2013 Geraldine 14 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish, and, by golly, when I found out about it, I decided to join in on the fun! Every Tuesday, a new topic comes out for bloggers to post a list about. This week, it's the Top Ten Books I Wish Could Have Had Sequels。

I don't usually wish books had sequels if there wasn't a need for one, mainly because I'm either sick of that book/world or because the author has ended it beautifully. So any books on this list are either spectacular and I want more, or the ending of these books were so horrible, that I want a sequel just so that there will be a better ending.
  1. The Inheritance series- I felt that Christopher Paolini should have written more, I wanted a more finite ending.
  2. The Hunger Games series- Well, I just want to know what happens to all the others. Gale, Annie, Haymitch, etc. WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM???? *breaks down sobbing
  3. Anne of Green Gables- Nothing was bad about the ending of this book, I just want more stories. And yes, there are sequels (and multiple of them) to this book, but I want more of Anne's childhood, more of her misdemeanours and the like. They were what made Anne so truly special.
  4. Anna and the French Kiss- Lola and the Boy Next Door is not a sequel to this!!!! I want more on Anna and St. Clair!
  5. Harry Potter- J.K. Rowling wrapped everything up pretty well, but I still have a hungering for more on Harry's universe, on the magical world. I wouldn't mind if she wrote about other characters, but as long as it's set in the wizarding world.... I'm set. 
  6. Poison- This book was really magical and I loved the characters in it!!! It was a fantastic concept, and it was really pulling, the whole world being so beautifully created.
Huh, this topic was surprisingly hard... I think I missed a few books! Got any ideas what I may have missed out on???? Comment below!!!

Keep reading and loving books,


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