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June 4th: Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books featuring travel in some way

Tuesday, June 04, 2013 Geraldine 10 Comments

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish, and, by golly, when I found out about it, I decided to join in on the fun! Every Tuesday, a new topic comes out for bloggers to post a list about. This week, it's the Top Ten Books featuring Travel in Some Way.
It’s probably just a personal thing, but I feel like a lot of books contain travel in some way or form. I could pretty much type in a list of my favourite books and still somehow also be able to incorporate travel in them.

Anna and the French Kiss- I feel so guilty for including this book, but it was the first book that popped up into my head~ Mainly because I love it so much! I’ve included it way too much in this meme! The travel in this book is pretty much Anna’s travel to and from France, going to a boarding school in France, while returning back to Atlanta.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire- Travelling by Portkey definitely should count! I love Harry Potter, and this book is one of my favourite books, mainly because of the whole quest thing. Harry’s venture with the dragon, the undersea scene where Harry tries to rescue so many people… It’s all exciting and fun! Plus, the Quidditch World Cup! The Chamber of Secrets also has some pretty good travel scenes in it, like the smashed Ford Angelica!

Beauty and the Beast- Is this a book? I pretty much just read the Disney cartoon, and I consider a cartoon/comic to be a book. Beauty and the Beast pretty much has Beauty travelling from her home to the castle, to and fro. I thought of it, mainly because I was watching Once Upon a Time (heads up; it’s so good!!!). Not that I like Beauty in OUaT, but I love the traditional story. Other fairytales that incorporate travel in them, that I think are pretty good too are Cinderella and Snow White.

Tintin- These are comics, but COMICS COUINT AS BOOKS. THEY MUST. See, the Tintin books are really cool, Tintin and Snowy go off on cool adventures and they beat the bad guys, and there’s always some kind of occult thing going on, and really, all I can say is that it’s cool.

Pride and Prejudice- I’ll sing this one out from the rooftops if I have to. I really love this book, and Elizabeth’s journey to Pemberly with her aunt and uncle really does impact on the plot line so much~ So yes, Pride and Prejudice, really does deserve to be in this list.

20, 000 leagues under the sea- Well, it pretty much is all travel. After all, the Professor starts off going on a journey, and eventually comes across the Nautilus. Also, it’s by Jules Verne. Although many people may argue that another Jules Verne book, ‘Around the World in 80 days’ has more travel in it, I can’t really judge, seeing as that I haven’t read it yet. I know, what a shocker! But I’ve added it onto my to-read list, so it’s all good.

Anne of Green Gables- The frequent travelling done by Anne may lead her to trouble (i.e. the Haunted Woods), but count so much to the story! Anne of Green Gables would not be the same, if Anne just stayed in one place the whole time, and didn't make up names for every place she went. It's what gives the story a magical, effervescent quality to it.

The Lost Son; Heroes of Olympus- Festus! Leo, Jason and Piper travel by way of Festus, a talking (kind of, it whirrs) metal dragon, which is so cool, may I add!

Last Sacrifice- What list would be complete without Vampire Academy? Last Sacrifice, there's this scene where Rose and Dimitri go to a library and flip open a guidebook, I think, and look at all the places they want to travel. IT was travelling without travelling, and one of the most romantic moments in the whole series! Also, there's Blood Promise, where Rose journeys to Russia, but I find this scene in Last Sacrifice to be one of my favourite scenes in the entire series, so I had to include it here.

My Top Ten Lists seem to be the same pretty much every week… What about you? Are your Top Ten lists frequently contain the same books? Got any suggestions for other books for me to read to include in future lists? Comment below!

Keep reading and loving books,

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