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A commentary on literary analysis and a bit of Top Ten Tuesday

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Geraldine 0 Comments

So, here's a change! I'm not doing the meme 'Top Ten Tuesday' today! Why? Haha, I really don't go to the beach.... and also because I have BLOCK exams.... They've sapped too much life out of me. Well, my exam block for this week consists of:

Tuesday (today): English and History
Wednesday (tomorrow): Maths and Physics
Thursday: Chemistry

Seeing as I had to write a literary analysis of a book (The Great Gatsby, I know, perfect time to study it, with the movie coming out and all) today, I was thinking I should probably use my spare time now to write a post! I really should be studying for Maths and Physics -.-

Anyway, literary analysis is fun! Well, as long as you don't have to write an essay. Essays are boring, and they really suck the life out of you. You have to follow this strict regimen, this strict format to write essays, and then you also have to be CLEAR and SUCCINCT. Really? Why make it so hard?

It's so fun, looking at how deep The Great Gatsby is, but I hate writing essays on it; I just hate it. The interwoven meaning in the words, the use of colours to make the story so much more vibrant or dull; it all just sets the tone and mood! It's just beautiful how the author has so many underlying themes.

In the test today, I got given a question, where I had to discuss to what extent is moral decay of men and women not content with their reality a reliable assessment of The Great Gatsby. I know, huge words to read. I pulled out the big guns, mentioning symbolism (yeah, I went there!), characterisation and the plot. While planning for this essay, I kept marvelling at how well-written the book was, how everything just fits. It's such a complicated plot, but Fitzgerald really does make it flow very well!

Speaking of the plot, I swear, I would never be able to fully describe the plot of The Great Gatsby. I've tried explaining it to one or two of my friends who aren't studying The Great Gatsby, but it's one of those books you need to read to understand. The affairs going on in that book are so confusing if you try to explain it!

Not to fear though, I still love my YA books! Only, my recent exposure to literature has really opened up my eyes to how in-depth it all is, and why people chose to read it. I'm most definitely going back to reading some of my classics and trying to find hidden meanings, foreshadowing, etc., because this, this is really interesting stuff! Go out there, go read The Great Gatsby, go out and just read!

With mention to the Top Ten Tuesday meme, The Great Gatsby is a book I'd most definitely place on that list if I'd done it this week. Set in the summer, full of parties, intrigue.... It's everything I would want to bring to a beach!

Keep reading and loving books (especially YA and literature),


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