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Edge of Truth by Natasha Hanova

Friday, April 05, 2013 Geraldine 0 Comments

Citizens who report to work on time, obey the Overlord’s laws, and stay off the Synbot’s radar, live long lives. Long, dull, monotonous lives.

It’s not a bad plan for someone with a hidden, emotion-based ability to trigger earthquakes. In a world pitted against her, sixteen-year-old Rena Moon strives for a life beyond working herself to death at the factory. Seeing an alternative, she risks selling relics from the forbidden lands at Market. It becomes the worst decision she ever made. Someone kidnaps her best friend in exchange for the one thing that would end her oppression. 

Driven by loyalty, Rena and seventeen-year-old Nevan Jelani, soulful composer, green thumb extraordinaire, and the secret love of her life, plot to rescue her friend and reclaim her salvage. Still, the thought lingers whether Nevan is a true hero or another thief waiting for his chance at her loot. Events spin wildly, deepening Rena’s suspicions and pushing her limit of control. With more than her chance for freedom at stake, she must decide if she’s willing to kill to protect what’s precious to her. For once, the Overlord isn’t holding all the power, but can Rena live with being reduced to what she’s trying so hard to escape?

Rena and Blaze are the best of friends. One day, they find relics in the forbidden lands and decide to sell them. Rena never expected that this activity could get Blaze kidnapped. But Blaze has been kidnapped, and now Rena is on a rescue mission to find her, though she never expected Nevan, her long-time crush to accompany her. With his help, can she find Blaze? 

 Right from the beginning, does Natasha Hanova use the new terminology she has created for this book. The terms she has made up include curse words, like 'bodink' and names of the new machinery, called 'Syns'. It did confuse me at the start of the book, but I eventually grew more and more used to it, and discovered what they would generally mean by the context that Hanova used them in. I found them irritating at the start, but by the end of the book, I found them to be a unique part of the novel.

Edge of Truth was paced quite rapidly, which made it hard for me to absorb every detail. This made it even more difficult for me to fully understand Rena's surroundings, and I did have to re-read a few sections at times.

In spite of this, though, it did have a very interesting premise; the whole setting of the dystopian future was really quite good. It wasn't all gloom and doom and something completely different to what we have today. In fact, Hanova has only amplified our problems in today's society. This makes everything so much more easier to relate to, and no huge loads of imagination are needed to visualise how Rena lived her life.

Throughout the novel, when Rena was rescuing Blaze, there were moments where I thought she was more preoccupied with Nevan. She kept forgetting about Blaze, and I was really quite annoyed with Rena's character during those brief moments. Thought these sections of the book really did irritate me, I found that Rena's willingness to rescue her friend quite daring and brave, which were qualities I admire in a protagonist. Though Rena was headstrong, I never found her so determined that she lost sight of what was important and rushed into unnecessary violent situations that she could have avoided, like how some pigheaded protagonists do.

The ending was hopeful. There seems to be a promise for a better future, for a revolution where everyone can do what they wish. The saplings seem like a symbol of hope, much like the mockingjay in the Hunger Games. 

This book deserves a 3 stars out of 5 stars from me. It was action packed, had a bit of romance in it, and was quite interesting as a whole. The only faults I garnered were pretty much just that it was paced too quickly and that Rena's character left some things to be desired.

Keep reading and loving books,


(I received an electronic version of this book from the publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing in exchange for an honest review)

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