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A little mini-rant: ignore if you wish

Tuesday, April 09, 2013 Geraldine Lee 4 Comments

Here's my little rant; I'm sorry, but I feel the urgent need to post this. And I'll probably regret it later on, but meh. So, if you're reading, and you're not interested in reading my rant..... I'M JUDGING YOU. If you're reading, and you're actually interested in reading this.... THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE. I'll explain why soon.

Well, I'm sure everyone has seen a couple of book blogs... And how they've got a little special section tucked away for all the past review they've done... And me, my blog, I've got one too, as you can see here. But the thing that really annoys me is how little reviews I have! I look at all the other blogs, and they all have extensive lists of book reviews! And I'm just here, only having, what, 25 book reviews at most? It is the worst feeling.... I feel like I should be reading more books, reviewing more books! Then, when I want to do that, there's always something going on that I need to attend to! I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN! How can people manage to write their posts so frequently? And how can they make their reviews sound so interesting and fluid and not repetitive? I feel at such a loss!
Then there's the whole thing with followers.... I HAVE NONE. Like seriously. I get so depressed at the thought of just typing things up on the Internet that no one actually cares about or wants to read.... I love books, sure, but it would be great to be heard once in a while...
Why must there be so many books in the world? I cannot possibly keep up with them! WHY?? I should invent some sort of a time-machine like device that enables me to travel through space and time, much like the TARDIS or the Time-Turner.... I'm still waiting on that Hogwarts letter, Hogwarts! WHY I NO GET HOGWARTS LETTER?????
I think I'm done with my rant...

So, in conclusion, it's pretty clear that no human will ever come across this blog.... Though, if anyone does stumble across this and does read this... well, feel free to comment and brighten my day up somehow.... YES, I'M TALKING TO YOU, WHOEVER THAT MANAGES THE LETTERS FOR HOGWARTS!

Keep reading and loving books,


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