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Red Carpet Burns; a biography by Georgia Cassimatis

Monday, January 21, 2013 Geraldine Lee 0 Comments

What if "The One"...Isn't?
After meeting the gorgeous and charismatic Simon, Georgia Cassimatis swaps her fabulous life in Sydney for Los Angeles, risking it all for a chance at love. Georgia soon finds out, however, that Simon is not the man he seemed to be, and she has left her entire world behind for a loveless marriage with a man who is intent on making her miserable.
LA is a tough town —especially for a girl with no friends, no money and no job — but Georgia finds her way through the liars, fakes and cheats to become a successful celebrity journalist and soon realises she’s fallen in love again — this time with her new home town…LA.
When I read the introduction to this autobiography, Red Carpet Burns by Georgia Cassimatis, I thought it was fiction. However, halfway through the book, I realised it was a biography and a work of truth because the main character of the story and the author shared the same name. I found this book rather easy to read, because it wasn't factually written (i.e. in a boring manner with long words), but it was written in a very engaging manner.

There were very few things that irked me about this book. When I finished it, I felt like it had no purpose; what was it trying to get through? Other biographies, such as Mao's Last Dancer, have a purpose, Mao's Last Dancer's being the tale of how a young boy left China. At first, I thought that Red Carpet Burns was about love and trying to find it, but then when I finished the book, I found it was not so. Another thing that irked me a bit was that I didn't know the timeframe of the events. I didn't know if Georgia left Australia in 1967, 1999 or 2008.

I enjoyed reading Cassimatis's story; although she was naive, it gave me hope that there was always something better out there in the horizon, no matter how tough life got. Her tale was refreshing and I liked the engaging, personal style of writing Cassimatis uses. It makes me feel as if I was the one going through all her emotions, the pains and the highs.

In the end, this book has garnered a 3.5 stars out of 5 rating from me. There was very few things I could critique it on. It was a nice book to read for me. A definite change from the books I normally read.

Keep reading and loving books,


(I got a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review)

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